Angelina Jolie throws in the towel

Picture: Kevin Winters/Getty Images

By Jude DeLoach

In an Interview with Yahoo, Angelina Jolie shared that she and Brad Pitt are cutting ties. The cute, loving Hollywood couple had been going strong since 2014 and Angelina filed for divorce September 21, 2016…*sad face emoji*… With 6 beautiful kids, Angelina feels this will help her and her kids’ health, which is important and she doesn’t want to risk anything else. In her statement to Yahoo News, she said, “Everything is terrible all the time.”

Even though she made it clear that she loves and still cares for Brad, she had to do what was most important for her and her family. Not only did Brad Pitt get hit with a divorce, he is also under investigation of child abuse. Brad. Get it together, homie…

The incident took place on their private jet and Mr. Pitt allegedly verbally and physically abused the kids. The Department of Children and Family Services in Los Angeles has not confirmed the allegations. Even though our hearts break, it’s an even sadder week for the Pitt family.