Apple’s iOS 10 update: new features, a few glitches

By Kyle Wollney

Apple’s latest tablet and smartphone update, iOS 10, was officially released September 13th, 2016. iOS stands for Apple’s I operating system. iOS 10 comes with updates including a new form of the apps iMessage, photos, music, and etc.

The new operating system features a redesigned lock screen and control center, making things simpler. A new Raise to Wake feature wakes up the screen without passing up notifications. The lock screen includes new fonts, and a new way to unlock your iPhone or other device. At any time, users can swipe left on the home or lock screen to bring up app previews and suggestions from Siri.

Siri has also been upgraded by Apple in what’s being called Siri SDK. The new update is now allowing Siri to link up with your apps in order to work together as a results of the app developer’s permission.

Messages were given a booming upgrade with new emojis, memes, music suggestions, and a drawing pad. The all new drawing pad allows users to do whatever their imagination allows, along with digital photo messages.

Photos now create memories and subjects photos apart from each other. Albums are made automatically by Apple, using your permission. Music had also been updated, with a new browse feature.

Some downfalls have been glitching and complaints from T mobile users that iOS 10 isn’t running properly with their phones. The bugs are being worked out, according to Apple.