Orioles fans: your team needs you

By Jordan Johnson

Attendance at Camden Yards this year has been surprisingly low despite the Orioles success. According to ESPN.com, the Orioles are only ranked 20th in fan attendance despite being in the thick of a division race. They are only averaging about 31,171 fans per game and this is disappointing! Teams like the Padres and the Rockies whose teams are not even in a postseason race average more fans than the Orioles. Think its too expensive? Think again! You can get yourself an upper reserve seat above left field  for the low price of $15. Don’t worry these aren’t nosebleeds and they provide a good birds eye  view of the field. The ushers are generally nice people and always tend to hype up the crowd to prevent you from getting bored. Also, there is nothing like some ballpark food and the Orioles have quite the feast.

  1. One of the most delicious things they have is the Crab Chipper as seen here:orioles

Photo courtesy of eater.com

This good looking dish contains lump crab meat, white cheddar cheese sauce, chopped scallions, and Old Bay along with nacho style kettle chips. You can get this at The Chipper stand at section 68 on the lower level of the 3rd base concourse.

  1. Bacon on a stick. Yes it is what all bacon lovers dream of. It’s a grilled big piece of bacon with old bay on it. The looks of it, will definitely make you want to try it. You can get it at Boog’s BBQ on Eutaw Street.Orioles.pngLook at that! Photo courtesy of yelp.com. 

Need a way to get there? Camden Yards is only 20 minutes away and easily accessible by car and train. If you can’t find yourself a ride, here are the prices for an Uber to get there:


So, with the season almost over and a playoff run in sight, get yourself off that couch and too an Orioles Game!