Teachers supportive of new grading system

By Molly Fitzmaurice

Since the 2014-2015 schoolyear, the relative weight for assessments has decreased by 10% each year and puts more and more emphasis on homework and classwork. The progressive change each year can make a low test grade less impactful on your overall class grade.

Arundel High has also changed midterms and finals. This year, there will only be quarterly assessments, which as the chart shows below, is now added in as a 10% category in the grading system.

Most teachers that we specifically asked said that they were in favor of the new grading system. Mr. Kramer, Mr.Wray, and Mrs. Houck said that they believed the new grading system is fairer because the weight is less on tests, so students can do better in other categories and get a desired grade in the class. Mr. Kramer and Mr. Wray agreed on the quarterly being added to 10% of the grade each marking period as opposed to finals and midterms as a more efficient system for tests.

Mrs. Ladika and Mrs. Yuscavage believe that this system will be beneficial to students. However, there could be downfalls to this system. Ms. Houck points out that,“Classwork should be weighted more and Assessments should be weighted less, since there is approximately 82 minutes per class period. This lowers expectations for classwork.” It seems like teachers around the school are liking this grading system so far, even if there are a few flaws. In the wise words of Mr. Vandereedt, “no solutions solves all problems.”

2014-2015: Assessments- 85%

Classwork/Homework- 15%

2015-2016: Assessments- 75%

Classwork/Homework- 25%

2016-2017: Assessments- 65%

Classwork- 15%

Homework- 10%

Quarterly- 10%