What are the best concession foods at Arundel football games?

By Amber Hill

We started with 11 different foods sold on Friday nights at Arundel football games. The Pulse newsroom took a vote and agreed on the most popular foods sold at the concession stand. Going from drinks to foods, here are the 3 best bets:


At the last football game, there was a smoothie truck. Smoothies at football games came in 3rd place. The smoothie truck offers multiple flavors of creamy, colorful, tasty drinks. I recommend waiting in line to try one of these smoothies at the next game!


Kona Ice snow cones came 2nd place for the voting of best concessions at Arundel Football games. The Kona Ice offers 10 different flavors and 5 different sizes. The truck allows customers to mix and match flavors by themselves. If you haven’t tried Kona Ice before, Make sure to try it out at the next football game!


Fries were chosen to be the best concession at Arundel High! A lot of students who attend football games enjoy the fries the most. If you’re not sure what you want to eat at the next football game I suggest going for the fries.


A few students here at Arundel have expressed interest in the return of funnel cakes. We want funnel cakes to be sold at football games again. Let’s bring them back!

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