Club of the Week: Seeking Smiles

By Kaja Nall and Tessa Rendina

Seeking Smiles

The Seeking Smiles club is a club for students dealing with stress, mental health issues or to simply have somewhere to go and people to talk to. The club is open first and second half during pride period on thursdays, in room F004. Joining Seeking Smiles can help struggling students communicate with others about their situation.

“Designed by students, run by students,” said club sponsor Diane Kirk.

Last year, South River High School created a club similar to Seeking Smiles and joined an assembly hosted by Arundel High School to promote the importance of the club. Arundel High School even went to Arlington Echo to advocate the Seeking Smiles club as well. The club is very personal, everyone is very close . Seeking Smiles helps numerous students feel safe and wanted among the group members.