With debut EP, Hailee Steinfeld moves from movie starlet to legit pop star

By Lauren Orcutt

Hailee Steinfeld is an eighteen-year-old actress that turned into a pop star in under 2 years, originally known for being the girl who sang “Flashlight” in the movie Pitch Perfect 2. Prior to Perfect Pitch 2, Steinfeld was known for her role in the Western remake movie True Grit. After the Perfect Pitch 2 premiered, she dropped her first single “Love Myself” which was released in August of 2016. Following the first single, she came out with an EP called “Haiz”.

“Love Myself” carries a powerful message. People who listen to it will have a sense of self-confidence. Before the song was released, she performed as a part of 2015’s Jingle Ball, alongside some of the biggest pop stars. The EP comes with four different songs. “Love Myself,” “You’re Such A,” “Rock Bottom and Hell Nos,” and “Headphones.”

“You’re Such A” is about calling out her jerk ex-boyfriend. If you listen to the lyrics, she sings, “You’re such a difficult little devil/try to put it back together/ cause you see I’m doing better,” also translating to when exes see you happy, they try to come back into your life and get back together because they realized how much they “missed you.” Many girls can relate!

The third song on the EP is called “Rock Bottom.” This song is about the roller-coaster a relationship goes through and when the person you love drives you absolutely insane. A lot of people are blinded by love; lots of friction and attention comes across with passion in the love/breakup song. The lyrics state, “You hate me now and I feel the same way/you love me now and I feel the same way,” meaning that when you break up with someone, you still have love in your heart for them but hate at the same time because they hurt you. This song represents the both highs and lows and also the relationship being over with.


Lastly, the fourth song on the EP is “Hell Nos and Headphones.” The song gives off a laid back vibe, but at the same time it is an anti-party anthem. It’s all about a desire to get away from a crowded party and to be alone with your thoughts. It stands out a lot more than the other songs on the EP in that it’s something that is not often expressed in pop music. Pop is obsessed with partying and this tune is like coming up for a big breath of air.

As a result, Hailee Steinfeld is trying to release more songs to go on tour and have more collaborations with other artists. Listen to the “Haiz EP.” You won’t regret it.

Steinfeld also released a new single, “Grey,” featuring Zedd, which is available on Spotify.