5 tips for staying healthy in the new school year

By Bridget Shurlock

  1. Get Your Vaccines to Help Reduce the Likelihood of Getting Sick

  • Vaccines can help prevent viruses
  1. Limit carbs during school hours so you won’t be drowsy during school

  • Carbohydrates are known to effect the chemicals in your brain which cause you to be drowsy
  1. Get to sleep early to reduce sluggishness in the morning

  • Going to sleep early will, in fact, reduce sluggish behavior when you wake up
  1. Limit sugary beverages and foods so you won’t crash during the day

  • Sugary drinks and food are quick energy but can leave you drained before you know it. So reducing foods with excessive amounts of sugar will help keep you from becoming drowsy.
  1. Take breaks in between long study and homework sessions to reduce stress

  • Large amounts of stress are said to cause health problems in the future, so do what you can to keep stress down. Taking breaks in between long study and homework sessions can help with reducing stress.