Club of the Week: Signature

By Tessa Rendina and Kaja Nall

The signature program is a club and a group of career oriented classes.  Community Development and Global Citizenship are the main focus, which includes government, economics, environment, and education.  The program includes Japanese exchange students, a trip to England, debates, simulations, and service opportunities.


Rachel Schrier (Jr.) “I don’t know any other class that would let me go to England or host an a Japanese exchange student!”


Last spring, signature members hosted Japanese students for a week.  This upcoming year the program will send and receive students to and from Japan in the spring and summer of 2017.  The club is also holding a mental first aid training in AVID classes.  Other service learning opportunities include Thankful 100x Over made by Rachel Schrier (Jr.), the Gentlemens Club by Evan Kopf (Jr.), Isaiah Freeman (Sr.), and Brandon Kirk (Sr.), and the Kind Market.  The Kind Market is an organization that helps women in various countries create their own businesses and send young girls to school.  Below is a link attached about Arundels connection and impact on the organization.!Kind-Ambassador-Program/c1u9o/57b711dd0cf2cad6d1c338c0


Julia Hansen (Jr.) “Signature allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, and made me more confident.  We also made a family within the program, I love it!!”


Students are also exposed to relevant guest speakers, such as federal law enforcement officers, government officials, city planners, and military officers.  


Haley Alioto (Jr.) “We are a family and everyone feels comfortable talking about topics with each other.  It’s a time to get away from general studies and talk about real world situations in our community.”

Evan Kopf  (Jr.)  “It allows you to meet new friends that you never thought you would meet and expands your mind allowing you to think more and be open minded and also it helps you figure out what you want to be in life and how you can be that thing.”


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