Why the second album from The Goon Sax is even more impressive than the first

By Josh Kirk

My first time hearing The Goon Sax was on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast. The song was “Make Time 4 Love.” It consisted of charming, Talking Heads inspired vocals, clever songwriting with plenty of angst, beautiful, folky arrangements, and some pretty rad usage of cowbells. I thought the song was pretty cool and it has grown on me. A few months passed by, and the trio eventually put out We’re Not Talking. I decided to give it a listen out of curiosity and sure enough, I was very impressed with its results. Continue reading “Why the second album from The Goon Sax is even more impressive than the first”

Fall One Acts showcase Arundel’s theater talent

By Josh Kirk 

For many of us theater fans at Arundel, the Fall One Act Play Festival is one of the highlights of the fall season for Arundel’s theater department. The theater students’ theme for the show this year was A Night of Comedy, and sure enough, they came through.

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Rising country star, Jackson Dean, discusses recent success

Photo By Scott Lehr

By Natalie Adams

The Arundel Wildcats played their last home football game of the season against the Chesapeake Cougars on Friday, October 19th, but this game was unique for more reasons than being the last home game. Instead of playing a recording of the National Anthem over the loudspeakers, Arundel’s own Jackson Dean sang America’s theme song and it went viral.

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How I feel about Hobo Johnson’s divisive song, “Peach Scone”

By Leah Ogden

For the past few weeks, there’s been one song I’ve seen everywhere: Hobo Johnson’s “Peach Scone.” Across all of my social media feeds I’ve witnessed people posting about this track, attaching its harmless album art of a scone that’s almost…kind of cute.

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My experience in Arundel’s new “Stretch Your Wellness” class

Photo by Evangeline Fox

By Kirstin Nichols

When I was filling out my course selection sheet last year, still needing a gym credit, I came across a class called “Stretch your Wellness,” taught by Ms. Markiewicz. Being a runner, I place a lot of value on stretching for injury prevention and decided it would be a great addition to my schedule.

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Arundel administration moves up Pride Period reinstatement date

By Caitlyn Freeman

On November 19th, Principal Davenport sent an email home to parents stating that Pride Period will resume on November 29th, approximately three school days earlier than the original December 4th date.

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Arundel administration temporarily halts Pride Period

By Caitlyn Freeman 

On November 14th, Arundel High School administration announced that there will be no Pride Period until December 4th.

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NHS gains new advisors

By Kirstin Nichols

The National Honor Society, or NHS, recently underwent a change in advisors for the 2018-2019 school year. At the first meeting on Friday, September 14th, which consisted of only existing members (new members had not been accepted at this time), Ms. Riley asked the students to vote on whether she should maintain her position as advisor. Sixteen students voted that she should leave, while eleven voted that she should stay.

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Dr. DePriest: college professor turned high school English teacher

Photos by Evangeline Fox

By Olivia Falck

Dr. DePriest has been a teacher at Arundel High School for two years now, but when students realize she is a former college professor, they often become confused. Questions arise such as, “why on earth would you come back to teaching high schoolers?” and “but weren’t you making more money before?” The answer for DePriest has developed over many years, and pertains to not only just her career, but her lifestyle as well.

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Arundel still to receive testing for lead in water sources

By Caitlyn Freeman 

As part of an ongoing testing process, 38 Anne Arundel County Public Schools have tested positive for elevated lead content in their water supply. The county has yet to receive results for 78 schools, including Arundel High School. Continue reading “Arundel still to receive testing for lead in water sources”