NHS gains new advisors

By Kirstin Nichols

The National Honor Society, or NHS, recently underwent a change in advisors for the 2018-2019 school year. At the first meeting on Friday, September 14th, which consisted of only existing members (new members had not been accepted at this time), Ms. Riley asked the students to vote on whether she should maintain her position as advisor. Sixteen students voted that she should leave, while eleven voted that she should stay.

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Dr. DePriest: college professor turned high school English teacher

Photos by Evangeline Fox

By Olivia Falck

Dr. DePriest has been a teacher at Arundel High School for two years now, but when students realize she is a former college professor, they often become confused. Questions arise such as, “why on earth would you come back to teaching high schoolers?” and “but weren’t you making more money before?” The answer for DePriest has developed over many years, and pertains to not only just her career, but her lifestyle as well.

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Arundel still to receive testing for lead in water sources

By Caitlyn Freeman 

As part of an ongoing testing process, 38 Anne Arundel County Public Schools have tested positive for elevated lead content in their water supply. The county has yet to receive results for 78 schools, including Arundel High School. Continue reading “Arundel still to receive testing for lead in water sources”

Which streaming service is the most worth it?

By Briana Mercado

With the various streaming services that are available to the public today, it’s hard to decide which one you are going to lock into if you are not already leeching under someone else’s account. With different prices, different shows available, and overall customer reviews it’s tough to decide where you are going to spend five percent of your check each month. Well, worry no more! Here’s the rundown.

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Radio station dedicated to Mechanical Music officially launches

By David Burgess

In April of 2018, a new radio station featuring mechanical music was launched. It is unique as it is the world’s only radio station that features this type of music. All types of self playing instruments are played on this station, from street organs, to band organs, fairground organs, concert organs, dance organs, orchestrations, music boxes, and sometimes theater organs, 24 hours a day with no commercials. Thus, Mechanical Music Radio was born.

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Arundel hosts 14th annual USBands Wildcat Spectacular

By Sierra McFarlane

On Saturday, October 27th, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., Arundel hosted the 14th annual USBands Wildcat Spectacular at Carroll Field. Twenty Four schools – the majority from Maryland and a few from Virginia – participated to earn seating at the Mid Atlantic Championship and Nationals.

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Arundel Women’s Soccer surges past Old Mill to advance in their playoff run

By Connor Haynie

Coming off of a three-game winning streak and a first-round playoff win vs. the North County Knights , the Arundel Women’s Soccer team was looking to keep their playoff run alive against the Old Mill Patriots in the Regional Quarterfinal matchup.

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Vandalism incidents provoke multiple bathroom closings

By Natalie Adams

On Thursday, October 25th, Principal Davenport made an announcement at the beginning of second period concerning recent misuse of bathrooms and consequences of that misuse.

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Several Arundel athletes report rashes; cleaning forces class relocation

By Caitlyn Freeman 

On Thursday, October 18th, Principal Davenport sent a letter home to parents stating that multiple Arundel students had developed rashes on their bodies.

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Las cosas que extraño de mi tierra

Por Julisa Murcia y Jorge Martínez


Probablemente pocas personas en este país hablen de su tierra, tal vez porque entre su trabajo, tareas del hogar, familia y muchas otras cosas no tengan tiempo para decir lo mucho que extrañan su tierra. Llega el tiempo de cambiar y para eso yo quiero expresar a todas las personas las cosas que extraño de mi tierra Honduras y su gente. Una de las cosas que más extraño es la manera en que vivimos, una vida sin preocupaciones por que somos conformes con lo que tenemos.

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