The Bowie Baysox provide local summer sports option

By Jordan Johnson

Looking for something to do this summer? Check out our local minor league baseball team, the Bowie Baysox, the Double-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. Continue reading “The Bowie Baysox provide local summer sports option”

Concert Review: Animal Collective play sold-out show at DC’s 9:30 Club

By Rachel Heller
“Welcome to the show!” shouted Avey Tare, member of the experimental band Animal Collective, amongst whizzing synth sounds and pulsating drum beats. With this simple introduction, the band invited Monday night’s sold-out crowd at DC’s 9:30 Club into their own kaleidoscopic little world—and the audience received them with open arms. Continue reading “Concert Review: Animal Collective play sold-out show at DC’s 9:30 Club”

D.C. Museums for Summer Vacation

By Katelyn Shibilski


While in D.C. there are hundreds of places to visit, each of them as interesting as the last. The Smithsonian museums, art museums, and other various museums are great places to spend a weekend exploring. A trip to D.C. doesn’t have to be expensive either, all the museums below are free to visit.
Continue reading “D.C. Museums for Summer Vacation”

Humans of Arundel: Ms. Rolfsness

By Rachel Heller and Esra Mahgoub

“I started drawing tattoos about 10 years ago, and I’m just really good at drawing so I had a couple friends ask me if I could draw a tattoo for them, and I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll try.’ Continue reading “Humans of Arundel: Ms. Rolfsness”

Wildcats explain: Women’s soccer

By Tayah Rendina


Women’s soccer has blown up globally since the year 1999 after the Women’s World Cup. With an estimated 40 million viewers, the USWNT took the title and inspired young girls to believe they could achieve greatness. Continue reading “Wildcats explain: Women’s soccer”

Orioles win first two in Beltways Series, then drop three

 By Jordan Johnson

Baltimore– Despite only being 35 miles apart, the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals only see each other for one sometimes two series a year and they generally play some great games and so far this year they have. Continue reading “Orioles win first two in Beltways Series, then drop three”

Senior Malachi Miller’s piano skills: “The human metronome”



By: Jordan Jackson      

While some pianists prefers a more heavy handed approach to the piano, 17-year-old Malachi favors a lighter touch, and his use of space between the notes was said to have a great influence on his listeners. Continue reading “Senior Malachi Miller’s piano skills: “The human metronome””

Overcoming blindness, man runs theater company, teaches kids


Written By: Jordan Jackson         

BALTIMORE- Born with extreme cataracts in his eyes  Joshua Thomas was left with his mother, his piano, and his dignity at the age of seven. Continue reading “Overcoming blindness, man runs theater company, teaches kids”

Wildcats explain: Being in a band

By Breeon Estermeyer

Joining a band is like joining the circus, so pack up your things and get ready for the time of your life. Disclaimer: A small portion of your soul must be sold for the full experience. Continue reading “Wildcats explain: Being in a band”

An eye-opening interpretation of Jaden Smith’s Tweets

My third eye has been opened and no, it is not because of water fluoridation .  If you haven’t seen Jaden Smith’s tweets prepare yourself to find your inner zen. Continue reading “An eye-opening interpretation of Jaden Smith’s Tweets”